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Our Facilities

Our Best Services For Your Children

Play ground for 5 acres

We have wide area for playground to students. In that we guide students with running, Wally ball, Foot ball, Judo, Yoga and other athletics.


Karthi Vidhyalaya has well equipped laboratories for different streams of science with excellent facilities for practical work.


The school is well equipped with a computerized library acting as a comfortable and ideal platform for self study.

Bus Services

The school owns a fleet of buses. HI TECH buses are available to transport students safely in time from various locations.


Students are give extensive training for Football, Skating, Volleyball and Basketball. The School provides playgrounds of international size for these games.


Centrally spacious classrooms are well-designed, subject oriented with ventilation that can comfortably accommodate 35 students with ample working space.

Sports and Events

Best TOP Matriculation Private Approved ICSE CBSE Schools Kumbakonam!

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Best TOP Matriculation Private Approved ICSE Schools Kumbakonam

Best TOP Matriculation Private Approved ICSE CBSE Schools Kumbakonam

1. To make the slow learners to improve in their studies.
2. To make the children love their parents and respect all elders.
3. To bring out the state topper of all subjects.
4. Prepare our students to be leaders and visionaries in their profession of choice.
5. The children should feel pleasant to enter into the classroom.
6. Check individually the child’s talent and give them as they like.
7. Create an environment to nurture and develop young individuals who will in turn contribute to the betterment of society.
8. Free talk or counseling with children if necessary or with parents and find solution for the betterment of the children.
9. To make them 100% neat in their code of uniform and other regularities.
10. To make the children feel free in thinking.